The Light Rail Transit Authority (LRTA) accepts proposals for Lease of LRT Lines 1 & 2 Stations/Terminals selected structural, facilities & train areas/spaces for marketing, installation, maintenance and/or dismantling of various advertising commercial media.

LRT Line 1 Stations/Terminals

1. Baclaran Terminal
2. EDSA Terminal
3. Libertad Terminal
4. Gil Puyat Terminal
5. Vito Cruz Terminal
6. Quirino Terminal
7. Pedro Gil Terminal
8. U.N. Avenue Terminal
9. Central Terminal
10.Carriedo Terminal
11. Doroteo Jose Terminal
12. Bambang Terminal
13. Tayuman Terminal
14. Blumentritt Terminal
15. Abad Santos Terminal
16. R. Papa Terminal
17. 5th Avenue Terminal
18. Monumento Terminal

LRT Line 2 Stations/Terminals
1.Santolan Terminal
2.Katipunan Terminal
3.Anonas Terminal
4.Cubao Terminal
5.Betty Go Terminal
6.Gilmore Terminal
7. J. Ruiz Terminal
8. V.Mapa Terminal
9. Pureza Terminal
10. Legarda Terminal
11. C.M. Recto Terminal


A. Physical Structure

I. Various Indoor Advertising Medium

Covers the stairways, stair landings, concrete columns, steel columns, floor level areas, passenger platforms, mezzanines, station floors and turnstiles, roof beams, upper board panels (platform level), roof eaves and parapet wall landings, station ticket booths, lighted luminaries (signage diffuser), station structural panel board walls, and girders (station and carriageway), station entrance/exit canopies.

II. Various Outdoor Advertising

Line 1 System Ground Pillar Ads (Baclaran to Monumento Stations)
Lines 1 & 2 System Station/Terminal Outside Parapet Walls
Lines 1 & 2 Overhead Beams/Columns

B. Facilities
For stickers advertising medium

• Turnstiles (Baclaran to Monumento, Santolan to Recto Station)
• Turnstiles (Santolan to Recto Station)
• Ticket Vending Machine (Santolan to Recto Station)

For Exterior Wrap, Interior Wrap and Train Inserts Advertising

• Line 1 System 1st Generation Trains – 41 LRVs
• Line 1 System 2nd Generation Trains – 8 LRVs or 2 Trainsets
• Line 1 System 3G Trains – 8 LRVs or 2 Trainsets
• Line 2 System Megatren – 6 Trainsets

Interested parties may submit their Letter of Intent with complete proposal (includes types/various advertising medium, lay-out, specifications and installation methodology, price offer and total proposed areas/spaces) addressed to Hon. Honorito D. Chaneco, Administrator, at his office at the Administrator Bldg., LRTA Compound, Aurora Blvd. Pasay City. Submission will be on September 6, 2013 to September 13, 2013 at 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

Qualifications of interested parties/proponents:

1. Duly Registered Sole Proprietorship or Corporation or Joint Venture or Cooperatives;

2. Proponents must be in the business of advertising/transit advertising for at least three (3) years with valid five (5) on-going contracts for different/various advertising mediums to different advertising companies/agencies;

3. Proponents/Parties must be a company of good standing and must not have been convicted by final judgment of any crime;

4. Proponents/Parties or members, partners or officers must have no record of unsatisfactory performance or any unfulfilled obligation with LRTA;

LRTA reserves the right to accept or reject any and all proposal/s without thereby incurring any liability to the proponent. LRTA, as its option, may decide to award the contract to the eligible proponent with the most advantageous and responsive offer.

For other details and other inquiries, you may contact Mr. Jesus J. Jimenez, Manager, Business Development Division at telephone number 853 0041 local 8523.