LRTA to Regulate Number of Passengers Entering Line 1 Stations

Anticipating heavy influx of passengers during the opening of classes, the Light Rail Transit Authority will introduce a new scheme called "Passenger Limit per Platform" (PLPP) at peak link areas of LRT station to ease congestion and discomfort of passengers at the station.

According to Mr. Honorito D. Chaneco, the LRTA Administrator, the new scheme will be implemented from Roosevelt to D. Jose stations (southbound) from 6:30 to 10 in the morning and from Baclaran to Carriedo stations (northbound) from 4 to 7 in the evening. Partial implementation of PLPP scheme started on May 27 from Roosevelt to 5th Avenue stations only.

"This new measure will regulate the load capacity of a station platform to ensure that passengers can board the train within 4-5 minutes of their arrival at the platform paid area. As a result, waiting time will be reduced by about 30% from 45 minutes to maximum of 30 minutes. Likewise, when previously, passengers are able to determine the volume of riders only upon reaching the platform, with this new scheme, the passengers will be able to assess the extent of congestion even at the street level," Chaneco stressed.

He further explained that the said scheme will prolong the service life of the system and will ensure the safety and convenience of the riding public.